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Buckyballs Triangulated

How to envision carbon 60.

"The famous triangle paper."

Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.


Building a modern-day Stonehenge. Experience the Earth as an organic spaceship. Correctly re-orient yourself in the Earth-Sun system.

"Sounds interesting and lots of fun."

Dr. Louis Friedman, Co-Founder, The Planetary Society.

My Inexpensive Ergonomic Workstation

My "Alien Abduction" View on Medium.com Download PDF
Einstein's God
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Advice to a Tiger Mom

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The Social Applications of Highly Composite NumbersThere is another class of numbers as important to society as prime numbers.


Douglas Hofstadter, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Godel, Escher, Bach.

"Damn interesting...You have a most agile and... versatile mind".

Michael Shermer, author, "Why People Believe Weird Things."

"I read your article with high interest... eminently publishable".

Martin Gardner, author and former mathematics editor of Scientific American magazine.

"I enjoyed reading it and begin to wonder about its applications ..."

James Lovelock, scientist and author, formulator of Gaia Theory.

Confessions of a Straight "A" Student
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Nature's Numbers

What is the next step in the evolution of numbers?

      III > 3 > ?

"Interesting paper ..."

Arthur L. Loeb, Harvard University, School of Visual and Environmental Studies

Geodesic Dome Education

"Thanks for the look at your article. A fine piece ..."

Martin Gardner, author.

SIngularity Clarity: The Hype and the Hope

Natural selection may be the fundamental principle in our universe.

Should English be Fixed?

English language reform past and present.

The Math Debate

Should math teaching be experiential and hands-on or the traditional "drill and kill"?

SpeakEasy Math: Part I

A revolutionary new way to teach mathematics using simplified nomenclature.
Based on 15 years of experience and field research in mathematics education.

SpeakEasy Math: Part II SpeakEasy Math: Part III SpeakEasy Math: Part IV SpeakEasy Math Word List

"I love your [math] word list".

Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, Psychology, U C Irvine.

How to be an Effective Teacher

Computer Usability (UX) 1998 ArticleHomo Sapiens?

Web Site Useability Checklist

Web Site User Survey

The Axioms of Design

Newspaper Articles Authored by BILL LAURITZEN

Closest-Packing of Spheres

This packing applies to geometry, art, science, mathematics, design, packing, economics, space, and architecture.

The Sunset Delusion

If you see the sun move, if you see it rise or set or even travel across the sky, you are seeing something that is not possible. Hence my diagnosis of delusion.

Feeling the Round Earth

Is it possible to experience the roundness of Earth without going into orbit?

Useable Knowledge

What knowledge? What is science? A simple model that shows that even babies do science.

Steven Hawking

My experience at a Stephen Hawking lecture.

Skeptic-Fanatic Scale

Are you a skeptic or a fanatic or do you lie somewhere in between?


Can we make psychological nomenclature more user-centered?

Field Study of Education

The Errors of Educators
  1. Education and Integrity
  2. Reading vs. Word Calling
  3. Word Grounding
  4. Reversing the Dictionary
  5. Defining Words
  6. Opening the Captions
  7. Reading: An Unnatural Act
  8. Education in the Common Tongue
  9. Critical Thinking or Critical Linking
  10. School Violence - School Safety
  11. Educational Testing
  12. The King's Test
  13. Teaching Violence
  14. Speakeasy Word List: All Subject