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Lauritzen Ergonomic Workstation (LEW)

I have a master's degree in Human Factors engineering or ergonomics from Purdue. I also have had lower back problems, wrist problems, shoulder problems, and neck problems from all the hours I have spend on a computer. Fed up with current ergonomic chairs, I built a prototype and have been testing it and refining it for two years. It is now ready to share with you. I want you to be able to experience the kind of pain-free computing that I now experience.


Measurements recorded in orbit by NASA astronauts have shown, in its most unstressed and relaxed state, the human body assumes a trunk-to-thigh angle of 128 degrees. This zero-gravity posture was found to place the musculoskeletal system in its most rested condition. Specifically, this natural posture fosters a non-stressed muscle system, correctly aligned vertebrae, better breathing, improved digestion, and enhanced circulation.

The LEW is responsible for any feelings of joy, relief, relaxation, elation, satisfaction, or comfort you may have when working in it, or for any strong desire to return to it when you are away.

I made this workstation light, so that one could put it in the backseat of a car. The chair is built using what might be called “tensional integrity,” with the laptop balanced on the arm of the chair. At times, the laptop jiggles somewhat if you move. At first this dismayed me. However, after a few weeks, the brain cancels this out.

This chair is not perfect, as nothing ever is, but it is a significant advance over traditional ergonomic chairs. It came out of my work designing and testing the cockpits of highspeed jet aircraft when I was in the Air Force.

Some people worry that they will fall asleep in the chair. If you are sleep deprived (which some people are) then that could happen. I am not sleep deprived and so I have never fallen asleep in the chair.

Some people say that the future of computing lies in using gestures to operate the computer (to give users more exercise). I personally perfer to get my exercise swimming, surfing, and playing volleyball with friends. When I use the computer I want to be sitting and comfortable, not exercising. As a result of my increased productivity while using the computer, I am able to spend more time with friends and at the beach swimming and body surfing.


I am writing these lines from the chair which just arrived... with a huge smile from one ear to the other. 'Delighted' does not quite do justice to it. I'm in love... Philippe V.

The chair is great. Yuri M.

Your design is right on the money! We have actually "rigged" up very similar "workstations" for people who have back /neck problems. Frances Pisano, CEO Pisano & Associates & Ergonomic Edge.

I saw your ergonomic workstation video. It was WAY cool! Michael J. Flynn, Jr., PMP, Principal Consultant, Millennium Performance Solutions.

I think they should have these installed in airports! Charissa Shaw, CEO, Ergolution.

I truly think your style of work approach is something highly productive for creative people like myself along with the ergonomic advantages of correct anatomical support for the body. Ian Smith, Design Principal and Owner at CEED Collaborative.

I did a substantial amount of research on just this very issue a number of years ago, and came to the same conclusion as Bill. Shelley Rosenbaum Lipman, Principal Human Factors Engineer at Raytheon.

think pressure distribution looks likely to be good with Bill's design. The principle is in line with several studies regarding the benefits of reclining. Robert S

Good for you. Steve DeRosa, Ergonomic Products Consultant.

Great Job! Anthony Woodrich, Vice President, Administrative Controls Management, Inc.


April 15, 2010

To Whom it May Concern,

I am an orthopedic surgeon.

have examined the ergonomic workstation designed by Bill Lauritzen and have found it to be an excellent computer workstation. I think a chair like this should reduce the incidence of repetitive stress injuries of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck among computer users, and help people who currently have these problems.

For those with lumbar disc herniation, this will unload that area of the spine. I highly recommend this chair.

Dr. William Kiblinger
L.A. Wilshire Orthopaedic and Medical Associates
Los Angeles

Although I have had many requests, I am no longer sellling this prototype chair.
A somewhat similar, but much more expensive chair sells at www.altwork.com.