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by Bill Lauritzen

Rough Sketches

Concept drawing of one Spacehenge Tower (five others not pictured) in the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles.

Bird's Eye view of a Spacehenge Towers showing 12 orbital points (months), as well as the 4 main orbital points (on the northern vertical line).

Spacehenge with horizontal central swivel laser, big screen, and six vertical lasers.

Spacehenge with Ringed Top

Spacehenge Dome

Spacehenge Pole shows the four main Orbital Points in Earth-Sun System. From top of pole to tip of shadow indicates direction of away from the sun towards the outer solar system. Length of shadow indicates position of Earth in its orbit around the sun.

Spacehenge on top of a skyscraper.

Young Scientists, Engineers, and Astronauts

Spaceship Earth travels about 600 million miles through space each year. It needs scientists-astronauts to track its position in this orbit.

Build a Spacehenge Ring in your backyard to track the position of Spaceship Earth as it moves through space.


Minimum Age: 6

Knowledge of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Knowledge of geometry: angles, degrees, circles.

Knowledge of science: true north and magnetic north, orbits, planets.

Able to use a compass and protractor.