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"Bill Lauritzen is some kind of genius." 
- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Bill Lauritzen has systematically analyzed, from an original viewpoint, the historic sources related to the origins of religion. He summarized his research in this interesting and thought-provoking book."
- Mamikon Mnatsakanian, Ph.D, Astrophysicist, Mathematician, California  Institute of Technology

"Anyone interested in science and religion should read this book." 
- Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., Psychology, UC Irvine

The Invention of God: 
The Natural Origins of Mythology and Religion

The definitive book on the origins of science and religion. The ebook is 223 pages with many color photos, maps, and diagrams.  You will get immediate access to the book.

Perhaps never before has there been a book of such scope, depth and clarity on the subject of religion and science. The author takes us to ancient times, showing us how early humans struggled to make sense of the world around them. Drawing on history, geology, volcanology, anthropology, chemistry, astronomy, archeology, oceanography, biology and cognitive science the author skillfully weaves together modern science, mythology and religion into a synthesis that is so original and stunning that the reader will forever after view the world from a different perspective. Perhaps for the first time, the roots of both religion and science are revealed.

How the study of volcanoes and oxygen inspired the origin of all the major religions and mythologies.
Why, if you can see a "sunset," you are delusional, as the sun does not move.
How geological events inspired the "Judgment Day" myth.
How fundamentalists misinterpreted their sacred texts, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.
The true meaning of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and Pyramids.
The geological events that may have inspired the Atlantis story.
Why religion is so popular in the age of science.
How religion and science were invented.
Why today's scientist can know more about the "soul" and "spirit" than the great religious leaders of the past.